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For your convenience, we have listed our most commonly used forms and pre and post operative instructions. Following specific instructions by Dr. Lindsey is important in the success of your plastic surgery procedure. If you have any questions about care before and after plastic surgery that are not answered by these forms, please feel free to call our Metairie, Louisiana, office at 504-885-4508.

Dr. Lindsey's News

Dr. Lindsey offers state-of-the-art DIEP flap reconstruction for women undergoing mastectomy. The DIEP microvascular flap reconstruction is for women undergoing mastectomy for breast cancer or for prophylaxis. Dr. Lindsey has been performing this procedure at East Jefferson General Hospital since 1998. This is a state-of-the-art reconstruction using skin and fat from the lower abdominal area and is the most updated version of the classic TRAM type reconstruction. The difference with the DIEP flap is that no muscle is sacrificed from the abdominal area. The benefit to women is the markedly decreased incidence of abdominal wall weakness or herniation, which was common with use of the older procedure.

If you are facing mastectomy, and you are considering reconstruction using your own skin and fat, please ask Dr. Lindsey regarding options, as the DIEP flap is an excellent alternative for many women. To read further about this, please click on the enclosed article by Dr. John Lindsey on the DIEP free flap.

Integrating the DIEP and Muscle-Sparing (MS-2) Free TRAM Techniques Optimizes Surgical Outcomes: Presentation of an Algorithm for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Based on Perforator Anatomy
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