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Dr Lindsey MD

Welcome to the Metairie, Louisiana plastic surgery practice of John Lindsey, MD. Located just minutes outside of New Orleans, Dr. Lindsey is a board certified plastic surgeon offering a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Dr. Lindsey bases his practice on honesty, integrity, competency and individual attention. Whether you require a minor or more involved surgery, Dr. Lindsey will spend time with you to tailor a procedure to your needs.

Our Practice Philosophy

To provide quality plastic and reconstructive surgery services for personal physical enhancement in addition to restoration of form and function..

In practice for almost 24 years, Dr. John Lindsey has the experience, special training and extensive education that you seek in a qualified plastic surgeon. We welcome you to browse our website to learn more about Dr. Lindsey, available plastic surgery procedures, view before and after photos and to contact our New Orleans area practice! Please call us to set up your consultation today at 504-885-4508.

Dr. Lindsey's News

Dr. Lindsey recommends deep-plane facelifting with muscle tightening for the best and most durable results.

Most patients with aged features of the face desire tightening of the neck and improvement of the jowls.  The most predictable and durable results require a combination of tightening the underlying facial muscles as well as comprehensive facial skin redraping.

This deep-plane facelift allows for repositioning of aged facial elements securely so that long-lasting results can be achieved.

The type of muscle tightening includes a platysmaplasty and elevation and fixation of the SMAS.

Dr. Lindsey discusses and reviews his results with this technique in his article published in Annals of Plastic Surgery in May of 2009.  Download the Article Adobe Acrobat File

Please schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lindsey should you wish to explore this alternative further.

Ultrasound-Guided Exparel TAP Blocks Offer Profound Postoperative Analgesia for Patients Undergoing Abdominoplasty or DIEP Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Lindsey offers ultrasound-guided transversus abdominus plane (TAP) blocks for all patients undergoing either abdominoplasty or DIEP breast flap reconstruction.

Using latest Philips Lumify ultrasound technology, Dr. Lindsey can precisely deliver anesthetic medication exactly where it is most needed. This is in the plane (space) between the middle and inner layers of the abdominal wall musculature. This is known as the transversus abdominus plane, which is the location of the sensory nerves that are responsible for pain sensation in the abdominal wall. Blocking or anesthetizing these nerves (T7-L1), particularly with a long-acting anesthetic such as Exparel, provides excellent analgesia throughout the anterior abdominal wall following plastic surgery and an improved patient experience. This technique of pain control is delivered intraoperatively (while the patient is asleep), thus allowing for full advantage of this technology while not causing pain or inconvenience during administration.

This technology has not only improved the effectiveness of traditional anesthetics such as bupivacaine, but it has become particularly important in the use of Exparel, where precise anesthetic placement is critical to achieving superb pain control.

At this time, Dr. Lindsey recommends routine use of ultrasound-guided TAP blocks for all patients having any type of abdominal contouring surgery or abdominal-based breast flap reconstruction. Please be sure to ask Dr. Lindsey for additional details in order to take advantage of this substantially improved patient experience.